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Our hearing protection and hearing enhancement products start with molded silicone ear impressions, creating earplugs, custom fit to your ears. We are based in Salem, Oregon in the summer months and in Bouse, Arizona during the winter.  Please contact us for information on service in other locations.

Ear No Evil's custom molded ear plugs are more comfortable and give you better protection from noise and water than disposable earplugs because they fit your ears precisely.  Acoustical sports and musician filters or ear buds can be added to non-electronic ear plugs.

Electronic earplugs enhance the sound levels of speech or game movements while reducing sharper impulse sounds, such as gunfire and flash bangs, to a designated safe level.  These hearing aids are widely used in law enforcement and shooting sports and are available in full and half shell styles.
Ear No Evil provides hearing protection for
recreational, industrial & sporting activities.

Our eye protection products offer a wide range of interchangeable colored and polarized lenses to economically meet the needs of sportsmen and women. They exceed requirements for impact resistance, are coated with scratch-resistant material and block 100% of harmful Ultraviolet light.

Additional value is added with the optional vision prescription insert system because a single prescription lense set works with all of your colored lenses.  This is a tremendous cost savings when your vision changes as you only need to replace the one prescription insert, not multiple pairs of expensive glasses.
See No Evil provides vision protection,
available with perscription inserts,
for recreational & sporting activities.

Non-electronic Earplugs
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